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How does CreatorSpace work?

Show your projects by creating stunning showcases

Browse and connect with ambitious creators and companies

Discover exciting problems and technologies to work on.

Discover exciting new opportunities.

Project Showcase

The showcase helps you demonstrate your skills as a creator. It helps you show off the projects you’ve worked on, the technologies and tools you’ve used, and the people you worked with.

Tell the story of your project

Describe the problem you were solving, the solutions you’ve built, the hurdles you've overcome, and the people who have helped you along the way. Show the skill it took to realize your vision.

Visualize your journey

It takes multiple iterations to build something amazing. Show how your project has progressed and what milestones you’ve achieved. Add beautiful visualization to engage your readers.

Enhance by adding stunning media

Add stunning images and videos to your project to showcase the project to the world and increase engagement. We will help you with that.

Get in-depth analytics

Focus on what engages your audience. Get detailed insights about your showcase to learn about your audience and become a better storyteller over time.

Showcase Editor Features

Easy to use

Focused on ease of use and speed. Showcasing in a breeze.

Prebuilt templates

Use beautiful prebuilt templates to help you get started with your showcase.

Prebuilt blocks

We also got you covered when it comes to describing your projects. Pick from dozens of prebuilt content blocks.


Share your project with you collaborators and work together on showcasing your project.

Creator Collaboration

Discover like-minded and talented creators and form squads to tackle your next project idea together.


Discover amazing creators

There are a ton of amazing people out there building incredible things. Discover interesting creators, follow their progress and stay up to date with the cool things being built.


Reach out

Reach out to creators you’d like to connect with via DM. It’s as easy as a click and a short message.


Form a squad

Squad up with your friends and start building amazing things together. Show what your squad has built and how you’ve achieved your goals together.