Empowering creators everywhere

The Mission

What we believe and what we want to achieve.

At CreatorSpace, we believe in a future of work where talent can freely choose what to work on based on their interests and skills. A future where they can work together with peers they genuinely respect and care for.

We see a future that is much more diverse, project-based, frictionless, and collaborative than today's world, where talent is trapped in bigger companies optimizing meaningless CTRs.

It's all about the people and the projects - not the companies.

To bring about that future, we focus on solving one core problem: Proof of skill.

We do this by empowering engineering and design talent to showcase their past work and use it as an honest source of past experience to connect to future opportunities. It's based on merit. Show, don't just tell.

The Team

Meet the people who are reimagining the future of work.

Sélim Benayat

Co-Founder / CEO

Mugeeb Hassan

Co-Founder / CTO

Eike Drescher

Founding Designer

Giulio Marrone

Designer & 3D Artist

Jonas Kluckert

Full Stack Engineer